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House Loan Interest Deduction & Refinance Package 房屋贷款减息与重组配套
RM 699.00
贷款重组(REFINANCE)的主要目的其一是充分利用闲置的资金(即您已拥有房屋的现有价值与所欠贷款之差)去做投资用途,从而获得更大的回报,实现‘以钱生钱’的目的;其二是利用各金融机构不同贷款产品的利率差,达到节省利息支出,加快还清贷款的目的。 One of the main purposes of REFINANCE is to make full use of idle funds (that is, the difference between the existing value of the house you own and the loan owed) for investment purposes, so as to obtain a greater return and realize the The purpose of "money"; the second is to use the interest rate difference of different loan products of various financial institutions to achieve the purpose of saving interest expenses and speeding up the payment of loans.

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