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*NEW*Blossom Moringa Fiber 辣木纤维饮
RM 65.00
15 sachets FREE 1 sachet, moringa leaf and a mixture of fruits that are rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin E. This is a nutritious fiber drink that helps block excessive carbohydrate and calories from your daily meals. Make it your everyday nutritional routine with these prebiotics boosted fiber drink to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria for a healthy digestive system. 包含了辣木叶和混合水果,这些都是富有纤维,维生素C和维生素E。这是一种可以从您的日常膳食中阻止大量的碳水化合物和卡路里的营养丰富纤维饮料。让您的日常营养与此纤维饮料来促进友好的有益菌成长、消化系统的健康。

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