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Belleo Fullerene Freeze-Dried Mask
RM 214.00
"Belleo Fullerene Freeze-Dried Mask" (1 box 8 pcs) Today's black technology freeze-drying technology: -Using biological dormancy technology to freeze-dry the essence of the mask (just like foreign men store sperm from their youth, they can still use it when they are old) -After -196°C deep low temperature rapid freezing ❄ -Keep biologically active molecules intact, and the essence lock rate is as high as 99.9% (avoid heat during transportation and damage the active ingredients) -The essence will continue to work and activate cells within 24 hours after being applied -No added preservatives and fragrances, zero burden on the skin How does fullerene help the skin? -Strong antioxidant power, 170 times stronger than vitamin C -"Avoid" free radicals from reacting with the skin, which solves the problem of skin sagging, dark yellow and pigmentation -"The King of Anti-Aging" -Restore skin elasticity and restore skin texture -Shrink pores/anti-inflammation -Inhibit cellulite proliferation How can you feel after applying one to three pcs? -Instant hydration -Skin becomes bright and white -Shine and tighten the goddess muscles (tighten to the expressionless face, and the nasolabial lines instantly become lighter) -The pores become smaller and smaller and the skin becomes slippery -Reduce wrinkles, crow's feet and neck lines -Safe use for pregnant women with sensitive and acne-prone skin

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