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Missoxy活氧美人卫生巾Missoxy Oxygen Sanitary Pad
RM 188.00
1 Package 6 boxes Missoxy's quality sanitary napkins, 100% cotton! 0% recycled paper! It also contains 2 major patents: 1) [Oxygen ion] patent The main effect is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, deodorization and sterilization! Long-term use for more than 3-5 months can [improve gynecological diseases]. 2) Patent of [Health Warning Chip] The main function is to detect gynecological diseases (at present, whether there is no direct pad at home or abroad, it can detect gynecological diseases) according to the pH of female secretions to detect gynecological diseases. Healthy ones will turn into milky white, light yellow, and no peculiar smell; unhealthy ones will turn into green, gray-brown, dark brown, or black, and will smell fishy or grassy!

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